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Gas Pressure Sensors

Gas Pressure Sensors

Our range of Gas Pressure sensors are either single port ideal for measuring absolute values or dual port also known as differential for measuring the difference between each port.

The Gas Pressure Sensors are available in 4 variations to suit your experiment needs ranging from Differential 10kPa - 200kPa an absolute 700kPa range and a multi-range sensor for Barometer and Altimeter measurements of 0 – 110kPa.

Differential 200kPa

The Differential Gas Pressure Sensors measure the difference in pressure between two ports, one port would be a reference and the other connected to the pressure system being monitored.

  • Gay-Lussac’s law (PT)
  • Boyle’s law
  • Rate of gas production e.g. oxygen from the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
  • Pressure changes in bursting balloon
  • Grip test
data harvest gas sensors
data harvest pressure sensors
Differential 10kPa

This Differential Gas Pressure Sensor is suitable for investigations that require measurement of small pressure changes with high resolution.

  • Rate of respiration
  • Yeast fermentation (small scale)
  • Breathing rate (with breathing belt)
  • Depth gauge
  • Production of gases in an enclosed atmosphere Rate of Transpiration
Absolute, Barometer, Altimeter

Measures the absolute pressure of the system it is connected to. Range of 0 – 110kPa.

  • Gay-Lussac’s law (Pressure vs. Temperature)
  • Weather studies / Changes in air pressure (Barometric pressure)
  • Altimeter
data harvest gas sensors
data harvest gas pressure sensors
Absolute 700kPa

Measures the absolute pressure of the system it is connected to. Range of 0 – 700kPa making it ideal for Boyle’s law. Single port absolute pressure.

  • Boyles law (PV)
  • Gay-Lussac’s law (PT)
  • Grip testing
  • Depth of water
  • Changes in air pressure
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All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the Gas Pressure Sensors

Product Manuals

Download Gas Pressure Sensor Manual | Version: 5