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Voltage Sensor

Wireless Voltage - Current Sensors

The Smart Wireless Voltage - Current Sensors are both Bluetooth and USB compatible.

There are two combined "Voltage & Current" Sensor versions, 5V 0.1A and 20V 1A.

Using Bluetooth the sensors can wirelessly connect to mobile devices such tablets and mobile phones as well as desktop computers such as PCs, Apple Macs and Chromebooks, giving students the ability to run experiments independently on their own device. The sensor can also be used like a traditional data logger connected via USB.

Practical wireless voltage and current sensor 'How To' videos
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Voltage & Current Sensors in one package

The Voltage - Current sensor combines a voltage and current sensor in one package. It can be used to measure both electric current and the potential difference across a component in low voltage AC or DC circuits.

data harvest voltage sensors
data harvest voltage sensors in use
Practical Connectivity

The four 4 mm sockets (2 for Voltage and 2 for Current) allow for connection to most standard available electronics kits and school based power supplies using 4 mm plug leads (not supplied).

Fast Charging

The sensor takes only 4 hours to charge using the USB lead supplied to connect either direct to a USB port or to a USB mains charger.

data harvest voltage sensors
data harvest voltage sensors in use
EasySense2 Software

Smart Wireless sensors operate with the new EasySense2 software. This app is constantly being developed with new and exciting features. Designed with teachers and students in mind EasySense2 provides a broad set of tools to capture, display and analyse data.

Example Science Experiments

Just a few examples of the Physics experiments where you can use the Voltage - Current sensor.

There are two combined "Voltage & Current" Sensors, 5V and 20V.

voltage current sensors

Either 20 V 1 A or the 5 V 0.1 A Voltage – Current Sensor

  • What changes the current in a circuit?
  • Good and bad conductors
  • Long wires, less power?
  • Faraday’s induction of voltage in a coil
  • Efficiency of an electric motor / generator
  • Capacitor time constant

20 V 1 A Voltage – Current Sensor

  • Series and parallel circuits
  • Ohm’s law
  • Start-up current of a lamp
  • Specific Heat Capacity for a liquid or solid
  • Electrical characteristics of a lamp

5 V 0.1 A Voltage – Current Sensor

  • Alternative power investigations e.g. solar cells, water power, wind energy, etc.
  • Connecting resistors together
  • Electrical characteristics of a LED or diode
  • Faraday’s induction of current or voltage in a coil
  • Dynamo effect
  • Capacitor discharge, charge and energy stored
  • Diodes: A.C. diode rectification
  • Reactance and phase in a capacitor
  • Calibration of a thermometer
  • Resonance in a series LCR circuit
  • Impedance change with frequency increase

Reliable and durable, designed for the classroom

All our sensors come with 5 years warranty and lifetime support, we ensure your investment gives you complete peace of mind.

Your Purchasing Options

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All available free teacher worksheets for the Wireless Voltage - Current Sensors

Capacitor charge & discharge free worksheet

Capacitor charge & discharge free worksheet

The dynamo effect free worksheet

The dynamo effect free worksheet

Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the Wireless Voltage - Current Sensors

Product Manuals

Download Voltage and Current Sensor Manual | Version: 1