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Product Order Code
Accelerometer (High g 2-axis) Accelerometer (High g 2-axis) 3201
Accelerometer (Low g 3-axis) Accelerometer (Low g 3-axis) 3200
Anemometer Anemometer 3297
Anemometer Pack Anemometer Pack 3297PK
Animal Specimen Set 1 Animal Specimen Set 1 SMSS418
Animal Specimen Set 2 Animal Specimen Set 2 SMSS419
Biology (11-18) Sensor Pack Biology (11-18) Sensor Pack CSP001
Bluetooth Module for V-Log Bluetooth Module for V-Log 2400VL
Bluetooth Smart USB Adaptor Bluetooth Smart USB Adaptor 2071
Breathing Rate Belt and Pressure Sensor pack Breathing Rate Belt and Pressure Sensor pack 3190PK
Carbon Dioxide Sensor Carbon Dioxide Sensor 3152
Charge Sensor Charge Sensor 3268
Chemistry (11-18) Sensor Pack Chemistry (11-18) Sensor Pack CSP002
Colorimeter Sensor Colorimeter Sensor 3275
Colour Filter Slides Colour Filter Slides 3275SPP
Conductivity Adaptor Conductivity Adaptor 3135
Conductivity Electrode Conductivity Electrode 3136
Conductivity Pack Conductivity Pack 3135PK
Control Accessories Control Accessories -
Control Input Set Control Input Set 3666
Control Output Set Control Output Set 3665
Control Power Set Control Power Set 3674
Conventional Stethoscope Conventional Stethoscope 3178
Count/Tachometer Adaptor Count/Tachometer Adaptor 3296
Current Sensor 100mA Current Sensor 100mA 3166
Current Sensor 10A Current Sensor 10A 3167
Current Sensor 1A Current Sensor 1A 3165
Current Sensors Current Sensors -
Cuvettes (Pack of 100) Cuvettes (Pack of 100) 3321
Drop and Bubble Counter Drop and Bubble Counter 3266
Drop/Bubble Counter Replacement Parts Pack Drop/Bubble Counter Replacement Parts Pack 3271
Dynamics Accessories Dynamics Accessories -
Dynamics Bracket Pack Dynamics Bracket Pack 3824SPP
Dynamics Card, Clip and Retainer Pack Dynamics Card, Clip and Retainer Pack 3825SPP
Dynamics Cart Dynamics Cart 3821
Dynamics Extension Kit 1 Dynamics Extension Kit 1 3801
Dynamics Magnet Pack Dynamics Magnet Pack 3826SPP
Dynamics Screws and Bolts Pack Dynamics Screws and Bolts Pack 3823SPP
Dynamics Spring Pack Dynamics Spring Pack 3827SPP
Dynamics System Dynamics System 3800
E.C.G Patches E.C.G Patches 3286
E.C.G. (Electrocardiogram) Sensor E.C.G. (Electrocardiogram) Sensor 3279
EasySense EasySense 4500
EasySense 2 App EasySense 2 App 4600
Edina Trust Vu+ 5 Pack Edina Trust Vu+ 5 Pack Edina-DLP
eLearn & Go Software eLearn & Go Software 3551SL
Finger/EarLobe clip (Pleth) Finger/EarLobe clip (Pleth) 3147SPP
FlowGo FlowGo 3600UK
Force Sensor Force Sensor 3143
Force Sensor Spares Pack Force Sensor Spares Pack 3143SPP
Gas Pressure - Absolute 700kPa Gas Pressure - Absolute 700kPa 3142
Gas Pressure - Absolute, Barometer, Altimeter Gas Pressure - Absolute, Barometer, Altimeter 3210
Gas Pressure - Differential 10kPa Gas Pressure - Differential 10kPa 3139
Gas Pressure - Differential 200kPa Gas Pressure - Differential 200kPa 3141
Gas Pressure Accessory Pack Gas Pressure Accessory Pack 3138
Gas Pressure Sensors Gas Pressure Sensors -
Geiger Muller Sensor Geiger Muller Sensor 3265
Genecon Hand Held Dynamo Genecon Hand Held Dynamo -
Genecon V3 Genecon V3 3904
General Science Accessories General Science Accessories -
General Sensor Pack General Sensor Pack GSP2
Go Control Single User Licence Go Control Single User Licence 3550
Go Control Site Licence Go Control Site Licence 3550SL
Go Control Software Go Control Software -
Go Control Upgrade Go Control Upgrade 3550UG
Heart Rate & Pulse Waveform Heart Rate & Pulse Waveform 3147
Holey Cap Set Holey Cap Set 3174
Humidity Sensor Humidity Sensor 3145
Infrared Detachable Filter Infrared Detachable Filter 3278SPP
Infrared Sensor Infrared Sensor 3278
Interrupt Card Set Interrupt Card Set 3803
Jack Lead 10m with 3.5mm Connector Jack Lead 10m with 3.5mm Connector 3300
K-Type Thermocouple K-Type Thermocouple 3107
Laser Module Laser Module 3285
Laser Slides Set Laser Slides Set 3285SPP
Learn & Go Pack Learn & Go Pack 6295PK
Light Gates Light Gates 3250
Light Level Sensor Light Level Sensor 3124
Light Sensor (housed) Light Sensor (housed) 6256
Light Sensor (unhoused) Light Sensor (unhoused) 6253
Logger Config Logger Config 2052
Long Sensor Lead Long Sensor Lead 3005
Magnetic Field Sensor 100mT Magnetic Field Sensor 100mT 3172
Magnetic Field Sensor 10mT Magnetic Field Sensor 10mT 3170
Magnetic Field Sensors Magnetic Field Sensors -
Metal Support Rods Metal Support Rods 3250SPP
Mini USB Lead Mini USB Lead 3021
Motion Sensor Motion Sensor 3270
Oxygen Adaptor Oxygen Adaptor 3130
Oxygen Electrode Oxygen Electrode 3131
Oxygen Electrode Maintenance Kit Oxygen Electrode Maintenance Kit 6172
Oxygen In Air Sensor Oxygen In Air Sensor 3132
Oxygen Sensor Pack Oxygen Sensor Pack 3130PK
pH Adaptor pH Adaptor 3125
pH Glass Electrode pH Glass Electrode 2251
pH Sensor (Bluetooth) pH Sensor (Bluetooth) 1110
pH Sensor Pack pH Sensor Pack 3125PK
pH Sensor Pack (Bluetooth) pH Sensor Pack (Bluetooth) 1110PK
Physics (11-14) Sensor Pack Physics (11-14) Sensor Pack CSP005
Physics (11-18) Dynamics Sensor Pack Physics (11-18) Dynamics Sensor Pack CSP004
Physics (14-18) Electricity & Heat Sensor Pack Physics (14-18) Electricity & Heat Sensor Pack CSP007
Physics (14-18) Light Sound & Pressure Sensor Pack Physics (14-18) Light Sound & Pressure Sensor Pack CSP006
Physics (14-18) Motion & Forces Sensor Pack Physics (14-18) Motion & Forces Sensor Pack CSP003
Polar Heart Rate Belt - Large Polar Heart Rate Belt - Large 3274
Polar Heart Rate Belt - Small Polar Heart Rate Belt - Small 3273
Polar Heart Rate Exercise Sensor Polar Heart Rate Exercise Sensor 3148
Polar Non Coded T31 Transmitter Polar Non Coded T31 Transmitter 3272
Power Supply 5V UK Power Supply 5V UK 5009
Prepared Microscope Slides Prepared Microscope Slides SMSS431
Push Button Switch Push Button Switch 3261
Rain Gauge Rain Gauge 3298
Rain Gauge Pack Rain Gauge Pack 3298PK
Renewable Energy Renewable Energy -
Replacement EasySense Battery Pack Replacement EasySense Battery Pack 5007
RF Electrosmog Sensor RF Electrosmog Sensor 3159
RF Transmitter Keyfob RF Transmitter Keyfob 3158
Rotary Motion Accessory Kit Rotary Motion Accessory Kit 3288
Rotary Motion Sensor Rotary Motion Sensor 3280
Secondary Teaching Materials Secondary Teaching Materials 3531
Sensor Extension Lead Sensor Extension Lead 3017
Short Sensor Lead Short Sensor Lead 3004
Smart Wireless Sensors Smart Wireless Sensors -
SmartMicroScope Cradle SmartMicroScope Cradle SMSS323
SmartMicroScope Gooseneck Stand SmartMicroScope Gooseneck Stand SMSS319
SmartMicroScope iGo2 Gooseneck Stand SmartMicroScope iGo2 Gooseneck Stand SMSS335
SmartMicroScope Lens Tip Set SmartMicroScope Lens Tip Set SMSS321
SmartMicroScopes SmartMicroScopes -
SmartQ Sensors SmartQ Sensors -
SmartScope 5M SmartScope 5M SMSS225
SmartScope 5M-500 SmartScope 5M-500 SMSS227
SmartScope iGo2 SmartScope iGo2 SMSS325
Sound Level Sensor Sound Level Sensor 3175
Speed Of Sound Pack Speed Of Sound Pack 3179
Spirometer Filters Spirometer Filters 3269
Spirometer Nose Clips Spirometer Nose Clips 3264
Spirometer Sensor Spirometer Sensor 3267
Spoked Pulley Spoked Pulley 3177
Spring Connectors Spring Connectors CK6
Stethoscope Sensor Pack Stethoscope Sensor Pack 3176PK
Switch Kit for Timing Ramp Switch Kit for Timing Ramp 3841
Switch Kit for Vu Timing Ramp Switch Kit for Vu Timing Ramp 2341
Teaching Packs Teaching Packs -
Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor 3100
Temperature Sensor (Bluetooth) Temperature Sensor (Bluetooth) 1100
Temperature Sensor (housed) Temperature Sensor (housed) 6255
Temperature Sensor (unhoused) Temperature Sensor (unhoused) 6252
Temperature Sensor Fast Response Temperature Sensor Fast Response 3101
Temperature Sensor High K-Type Temperature Sensor High K-Type 3105
Timing Mats Timing Mats -
Timing Mats (Large) Timing Mats (Large) 3256
Timing Mats (Small) Timing Mats (Small) 3255
Ultraviolet Sensor Ultraviolet Sensor 3277
USB Lead USB Lead 3008
V-Hub Charging Tray V-Hub Charging Tray 2502
V-Hub Sensor Link V-Hub Sensor Link -
V-Hub4 5 Pack V-Hub4 5 Pack 100432
V-Hub4 Sensor Link V-Hub4 Sensor Link 2504PK
V-Hub8 5 Pack V-Hub8 5 Pack 100434
V-Hub8 Sensor Link V-Hub8 Sensor Link 2508PK
V-Log Charging Tray V-Log Charging Tray 2402
V-Log Secondary Data Logger V-Log Secondary Data Logger -
V-Log4 V-Log4 2404PK
V-Log4 5 Pack V-Log4 5 Pack 100402
V-Log4 Bluetooth V-Log4 Bluetooth 2406PK
V-Log4 Bluetooth 5 Pack V-Log4 Bluetooth 5 Pack 100437
V-Log8 V-Log8 2408PK
V-Log8 5 Pack V-Log8 5 Pack 100404
V-Log8 Bluetooth V-Log8 Bluetooth 2410PK
V-Log8 Bluetooth 5 Pack V-Log8 Bluetooth 5 Pack 100438
VISION 5 Pack VISION 5 Pack 100400
VISION Charging Tray VISION Charging Tray 2039
VISION Secondary Data Logger VISION Secondary Data Logger 2020
Voltage & Current Sensor (Bluetooth) Voltage & Current Sensor (Bluetooth) 1130
Voltage Sensor 0-10V Voltage Sensor 0-10V 3161
Voltage Sensor ±12V Voltage Sensor ±12V 3160-12
Voltage Sensor ±1V Voltage Sensor ±1V 3162
Voltage Sensor ±20V Voltage Sensor ±20V 3160
Voltage Sensors Voltage Sensors -
Vu eBook Vu eBook DO240
Vu Heart Rate Sensor Vu Heart Rate Sensor 2327
Vu Light Gates Vu Light Gates 2330PK
Vu Power House Vu Power House 100200
Vu Push Button Switches Vu Push Button Switches 2331PK
Vu Temperature Sensor Vu Temperature Sensor 2320
Vu Timing Mats Vu Timing Mats 2332PK
Vu Timing Ramp Set Vu Timing Ramp Set 2340
Vu Voltage Sensor Vu Voltage Sensor 2325
Vu+ 5 Pack Vu+ 5 Pack 2305PK5
Vu+ Charging Tray Vu+ Charging Tray 2302
Vu+ Class Cart Vu+ Class Cart 23051PK
Vu+ Primary Data Logger Vu+ Primary Data Logger 2305PK
Vu+ Sensors Vu+ Sensors -
Wire Coil & Magnet Wire Coil & Magnet 3173