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EasySense2 App

A free learning platform that allows teachers to engage through science.

For use with Vision, Vu, Vu+, V-Hub and V-Log data loggers,
along with our Wireless Bluetooth sensors.

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You can download the free teaching resource below.
data harvest logger config
EasySense2 PWA Version Released

The new EasySense2 software is now available as PWA (Progressive Web App) and can now be used on devices running the latest Chrome and Edge browsers, *limitations apply. Simply visit to immediately use the software without any need for installation.

Limitations: Does not work on iOS devices

Feature Packed

EasySense2 is our most advanced educational scientific data capture and analysis software!

The latest version is packed with new and exciting features without leaving our existing customers behind, you get all the features of the original software plus a lot more and, it works the same on all supported devices.

  • Data Logging
  • Layouts
  • Analysis Tools
  • Meters
  • Timing
  • CSV Exporting
  • Printing

Designed with teachers and students in mind EasySense2 provides a broad set of tools to capture, display and analyse data from Data Harvest Smart Wireless Sensors and Data Loggers using Bluetooth or USB connectivity.

Just some of the key features:

EasySense comes with an impressive set of features with lots more being added all the time with continuous updates.

  • Capture data from multiple devices at the same time
  • Run manager – easily turn on and off experiment runs to compare your data
  • Simple recording modes – just press record and stop whenever you want to
  • Multi display – combine multiple data views of your captured data series
  • Data views available: line graphs, gauges, numbers and bar charts
  • Simultaneously display up to 4 customisable chart layouts
  • Import and merge multiple files and data sets from devices
  • Calculations – enhanced tools, perform mathematical operations on recorded data
  • Logging modes: continuous recording, Snapshot and Timing
  • Simple axis selection allows easy XY plots
  • Import supported experiment files (.ssl) from EasySense1 into EasySense2
  • Export in CSV format
  • Support for printing

Tell us what you would like to see!
Our developers have been creating the all-new EasySense2 software with smarter tools, an intuitive user interface and support for our new Smart Wireless sensors. Furthermore we provide our flagship software completely free of charge.

data harvest logger config
Ohaus Scout Balance Support

EasySense2 App fully supports devices that use the Ohaus Bluetooth Interface, Scout (Ohaus Scout STX, SPX, SKX and SJX series products). When connecting your Ohaus Scout Balance to the Ohaus Bluetooth Interface, our EasySense 2 App will recognise the device so that you can directly record and display live data.

Please visit the Ohaus product page to purchase the Ohaus Bluetooth Interface. Please check with Ohaus directly for product support and balance compatibility.

Ohaus Bluetooth Interface

We have created a free to download student and teachers worksheets of a transpiration practical which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

data harvest logger config
data harvest logger config
A Little History Lesson

EasySense was first introduced in 2005 as a free science software solution that provides teachers with all the tools to teach scientific methods and allow students to learn and better understand scientific experiment data using our range of data loggers and sensors.

The latest version builds on all the features of our tried and tested science software and adds complete cross platform compatibility on all desktop computers, smart phones and tablets; new workflow, smart analysis tools and a redesigned intuitive user interface.

Over its history EasySense has reached a global audience and continues to feature at the heart of many science lessons in primary and secondary education.

EasySense has grown to include a number of market-leading features that benefit teaching and learning.

Fast forward to 2019 and a new version of EasySense has been born. This update is now fully cross-platform compatible which means you can use the exact same toolset on all the major computer platforms such as Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Chromebook.


Please choose your device's operating system to download the correct application for your device; you must have the latest firmware installed on your data logger before using this application.


To direct download the Windows version of the EasySense 2 software without visiting the Windows App Store use the download option below. Please ensure you keep your data logger firmware up to date for the latest features.


All available free teacher worksheets for the EasySense2 App

Transpiration with Scout Balance Combined Zip File

Transpiration with Scout Balance Combined Zip File

Transpiration by mass loss - Leafy Shoot

Transpiration by mass loss - Leafy Shoot

Transpiration by mass loss - Leafy shoot teachers notes

Transpiration by mass loss - Leafy shoot teachers notes

Transpiration by mass loss - Whole plant

Transpiration by mass loss - Whole plant

Transpiration by mass loss - Whole plant teachers notes

Transpiration by mass loss - Whole plant teachers notes

Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the EasySense2 App

Product Manuals

Download EasySense2 Software Manual | Version: 2