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SmartQ Dynamics System

Order No. 3800

The Data Harvest Dynamics System is far more than a simple dynamics ramp. With the addition of a pair of SmartQ Light gates, it can be used to demonstrate basic speed, velocity and acceleration principles.

This kit includes:

  • 1x Cart
  • 1x Horizontal base track, support pillar & base
  • 1x Interrupt card
  • 1x End Reflector Card
  • 1x Spoked Pulley
  • 3x Large brackets
  • 3x Small brackets
  • 1x Pack of nuts & bolts
  • 1x Reel of thread
  • 1x Allen key
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Horizontal Track & support pillar

This self-assembled, smart black anodised aluminium track and support pillar comes with a low friction red cart, spoked pulley and various brackets to form a high quality, modular dynamics track.

  • 1.2m Long Inclined Track
  • Low Friction Red Cart
  • Spoked Pulley
  • Various Brackets
Data Harvest SmartQ Dynamics System

Add SmartQ Sensors

The simple clamping system allows various sensors to be quickly positioned and connected. The SmartQ sensors provide reliable, repeatable and accurate results. Light Gates Motion Sensor Rotary Motion Sensor Spoked Pulley Force Sensor Laser Module and Light Level Sensor.

Data Harvest SmartQ Dynamics System

Dynamics Extension Kit Available

This extension kit allows for further dynamics investigations and advanced physics work including collisions, dynamic forces and advanced pendulum work.

The kit (sold separately) includes:

  • 1x Dynamics Cart
  • 1x Interrupt Card
  • 2x Magnets & Holders
  • 2x Springs
  • 1x End Reflector Card
  • 1x Pendulum Bob
  • 1x Slotted Mass Set & Retainers
  • 1x Interrupt Card Set

Data Harvest SmartQ Dynamics System

Possible Activities

Want to know how you can use this product in your science lessons? Take a look at the list of possible use cases and activities to get you started with the SmartQ Dynamics System.

  • Motion – Time, Velocity, Acceleration, & Friction using Light Gates
  • Newton's 2nd Law with Light Gates
  • Collisions - Using a Force Sensor and a Light Gate to investigate crumple zones
  • Interference of light investigations (Young’s slit) using the Rotary Motion, Light Sensors and a Laser Module
  • Forces with a Force Sensor Impulse using Light Gates and a Force Sensor Atwood's Machine with Light Gates and a Spoked Pulley
  • Pendulum - Using a Light Gate and simple Pendulum
Data Harvest SmartQ Dynamics System

SmartQ Dynamics System Specification

Learn more about the SmartQ Dynamics System specification and range information.

Track Length120 cm
Vertical Pillar & Base80cm

Product Manuals

Browse our HTML based product manuals or download them to your computer.

Dynamics System Manual | Doc No. do155 | Rev. 8 Download

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