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Our lowest cost interface. V-Hub Sensor Link makes your existing Data Harvest wired SmartQ sensors work with tablets, phones and PCs using Bluetooth connectivity.

V-Hub doesn't need to store data or display sensor information as this is all taken care of in the connected EasySense software.

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One interface - Up to 8 Sensors

The V-Hub Sensor Link not only enables the conversion of up to four SmartQ sensors into wireless sensors but also offers the capability to integrate four internal sensors (in the V-Hub8 model), allowing for the simultaneous monitoring of up to eight sensors in a single scientific practical!

Available in two configurations, the V-Hub comes in either the V-Hub4 version, equipped with four SmartQ sensor inputs, or the V-Hub8 version, which not only includes the same four sensor inputs but also integrates four additional internal sensors: Light, Air Pressure, Sound, and Humidity.

Data Harvest V-Hub Sensor Link Interface

Minimum Fuss!

In contrast to the V-Log remote data logger, the V-Hub solely showcases connection information without offering remote data logging functionalities.

All sensor information and data collection from connected devices are seamlessly managed in real-time through the EasySense software. This setup allows teachers and students to concentrate on classroom-based activities, perfect for setups where remote data capture is not required.

Data Harvest V-Hub Sensor Link Interface


The V-Hub Sensor Link boasts a compact and lightweight design, enabling easy mounting on a retort stand alongside the experiment apparatus using the provided mounting rod or directly onto the dynamics system with the dynamics extension kit.

Featuring a built-in rechargeable battery, the V-Hub powers all connected SmartQ sensors, streamlining classroom management by requiring only the V-Hub to be charged at the end of the day.

Data Harvest V-Hub Sensor Link Interface

Classroom Pack of 5!

Get the most out of your lessons by giving students the chance to work in groups as they discover science together. Our convenient 5 pack solution also includes our integral USB charging system and a smart Gratnells storage tray.

Charging trays can also be purchased separately which includes the charging tray with lid and USB charger.

Data Harvest V-Hub Sensor Link Interface

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V-Hub Sensor Link Interface General Specification

Learn more about the V-Hub Sensor Link Interface general specifications and range information. See individual products for more details.

Range Data Loggers
Remote Data LoggerYes
DisplayYes, for system settings only
External Sensor Inputs4
Internal Sensors4 on V-Hub8 Models Only
Connectivity USB & Bluetooth Options
Compatible Software EasySense
PowerInternal Battery or USB