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Free teaching materials for primary students based around the Vu/Vu+ Data Logger. Designed to meet the primary science curriculum and the principles of working scientifically.

The activities have been organised by age suitability. The exercises sometimes repeat over age bands to take into account the learning that takes place.

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3 Learning Sections

The Vu eBook features over 130 pages of teaching resources broken down in to 3 learning sections.

  1. Section one are outlines of exercises that match specific learning objectives or targets.
  2. Section two are activities that have been expanded to work over a set of lessons or for a project.
  3. Section three includes some resources that have come to our attention and may be useful in planning science investigations or Data logging activities.
Data Harvest Vu eBook

A downloadable PDF eBook for primary teaching using the Vu+ data logger.

Vu eBook

Primary science investigations


Vu eBook

Data Harvest Vu eBook

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