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Conductivity Adaptor

Conductivity Adaptor

This is the Conductivity adapter only, it must be used together with the Conductivity electrode. The adapter enables a Conductivity electrode to be connected to an EasySense data logger.

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Product Order No.
Conductivity Electrode Conductivity Electrode 3136
Conductivity Adaptor Conductivity Adaptor 3135
Conductivity Pack Conductivity Pack 3135PK
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All available downloadable product resources such as manuals and firmware for the Conductivity Adaptor

Product Manuals

Download Conductivity Sensor Manual | Version: 6


Ranges 2, ?S and ms
0 to 100 ?S 0 to 100 ?S, 0 to 1000 ?S, 0 to 10 mS, 0 to 100 mS

What's in the box

1x Conductivity Adaptor