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Biology (11-18) Sensor Pack

Physics (14-18) Motion & Forces Sensor Pack

A curriculum pack that includes sensors and eBook curriculum materials. Each pack has been carefully designed to offer maximum flexibility and subject coverage at an affordable price.

Warranty & Support

All our sensors are supplied with 5 years warranty and lifetime support.

Curriculum eBook Contents

With the included sensors the following experiments can be achieved, note that a suitable Data Logger is not included in the sensor pack.

Physics L3 Motion & Forces eBook

  • 01 Introducing the Motion sensor 
  • 03 Measuring speeds on a track 
  • 07 Acceleration (calculated by students) 
  • 12 Motion down an inclined plane using a Light gate and spoked pulley 
  • 13 Motion up and down an inclined plane 
  • 14 Simple harmonic motion 
  • 18 Relationship between period and the length of the pendulum 
  • 19 The relationship between a pendulum period and its’ amplitude 
  • 23 Acceleration due to gravity using a picket fence and Light Gate 
  • 26 Newton’s second law 
  • 28 Conservation of linear momentum 
  • 29 Explosions and recoil 
  • 31 The bungee jump – resultant forces 
  • 34 Centripetal force in a pendulum 
  • 35 Conservation of angular momentum (1) 
  • 38 Investigating the work energy law W=dEk 
  • 39 Forces acting on a floating object 
  • 40 How does upthrust change as an object sinks into a liquid? 
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All Sensors Please see individual sensor pages for specifications
All eBooks Supplied in digital PDF format

What's in the box

1x Rotary Motion Accessory Kit
2x Light Gates
1x Rotary Motion Sensor
1x Force Sensor
1x L3 Motion & Forces eBook