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Biology (11-18) Sensor Pack

Physics (11-14) Sensor Pack

A curriculum pack that includes sensors and eBook curriculum materials. Each pack has been carefully designed to offer maximum flexibility and subject coverage at an affordable price.

Warranty & Support

All our sensors are supplied with 5 years warranty and lifetime support.

Curriculum eBook Contents

With the included sensors the following experiments can be achieved, note that a suitable Data Logger is not included in the sensor pack.

L2 Physics eBook

  • 01 Comparing fuels
  • 02, 03, 04 Electricity from water power, wind, sunlight
  • 05 How hot does the water get from sunlight?
  • 06 What changes the current in a circuit?
  • 07 Can you use lamp brightness to measure current?
  • 08 & 09 Electric current in circuits: Series circuits & Parallel circuits
  • 10 Electric current in circuits: Current and voltage in a simple series circuit
  • 11 Fuses
  • 12 What decides if something floats or sinks?
  • 13 How does upthrust change as an object sinks further into a liquid?
  • 14 Upthrust and floating
  • 15 & 16 How do different materials stretch?
  • 17 & 18 Investigating friction: Static friction & Dynamic friction
  • 19 How does the strength of an electromagnet vary with an increasing current?
  • 20 How does coiling a wire affect the strength of the electromagnet?
  • 21 What happens if an alternating current is used to make an electromagnet?
  • 22 Reflections
  • 23 How does the intensity of light change with the distance from the light?
  • 24 & 25 What happens to the brightness of a lamp when the voltage is changed?
  • 26 Long wires, less power?
  • 27 & 28 Speed of sound
  • 29 Measuring speeds on a track
  • 30 Average speeds / velocity (time at A then B, students calculate)
  • 31 How does the angle of a slope affect the speed of a cart rolling down it?
  • 32 Acceleration (speed at A then B, students calculate)
  • 33 Streamlining
  • 34 Energy and heat
  • 35 Induction in a coil
  • 36 Forces in levers
  • 37 Pulley
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All Sensors Please see individual sensor pages for specifications
All eBooks Supplied in digital PDF format

What's in the box

2x Push Button Reaction Switch
2x Temperature Sensors
2x Light Gate
3x Current - 100mA
1x Current - 1A
1x Current - 10A
1x L2 Physics eBook