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Biology (11-18) Sensor Pack

Physics (14-18) Electricity & Heat Sensor Pack

A curriculum pack that includes sensors and eBook curriculum materials. Each pack has been carefully designed to offer maximum flexibility and subject coverage at an affordable price.

Warranty & Support

All our sensors are supplied with 5 years warranty and lifetime support.

Curriculum eBook Contents

With the included sensors the following experiments can be achieved, note that a suitable Data Logger is not included in the sensor pack.

L3 Electricity & Heat eBook

  • 01 The coffee problem, “Must phone off, the coffee is getting cold” 
  • 02 Cooling by evaporation 
  • 03 How does sweating keep you cool? 
  • 04 Cooling substances 
  • 05 Heat transfer 
  • 06 Radiate energy (Leslie’s cube) 
  • 07 Relationship between temperature and radiated energy 
  • 08 What type of surface absorbs radiant energy? 
  • 09 Why insulate houses? A hotter house for less greenhouse gas 
  • 11 Conduction and convection 
  • 13 Which is the best conductor of heat? 
  • 14 Which material is the best absorber of heat? 
  • 15 Residual heat 
  • 18 Equivalence of heat energy liberated to electrical energy dissipated 
  • 19 Stefan - Boltzmann law using a tungsten filament lamp 
  • 20 Calibration of a thermometer 
  • 21 Specific heat capacity 
  • 23 Using U values, how heat is lost 
  • 24a/b Angle of the sun and collected energy 
  • 24b Angle of the sun and collected energy - using an artificial sun 
  • 25 What changes the current in a circuit 
  • 26 Good and bad connectors 
  • 31 Electric current in circuits 
  • 34 Ohm’s Law 
  • 35 Electrical characteristics resistor, lamp diode and LED 
  • 36 Time constant for a capacitor 
  • 38 Energy stored in a capacitor 
  • 39 Startup current of a light bulb 
  • 41 Induction of a current in a conductor 
  • 42 Induction of a voltage in a coil 
  • 43 What happens when a magnet spins in a coil? 
  • 44 Efficiency of an electric motor/generator 
  • 45 Electricity from water power 
  • 47 Measuring the strength of an electromagnet 
  • 49 Alternating current is used to make an electromagnet 
  • 50 How does the magnetic field in a coil vary as the current varies? 
  • 51 The force acting on a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field 
  • 53 Mapping the magnetic field of a bar magnet 
  • 54 Efficiency of a transformer 
  • 55 The d.c. characteristics of a diode 
  • 57 The input characteristic of a transistor 
  • 59 Reactance and phase in a capacitor 
  • 62 Resonance in a series LCR circuit 
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All Sensors Please see individual sensor pages for specifications
All eBooks Supplied in digital PDF format

What's in the box

2x Voltage Sensors - Differential 12V
1x Magnetic Field Sensor - 10mT
2x Temperature Sensors
3x Current Sensor - 100mA
1x Current Sensor - 1A
1x Current Sensor - 10A
1x L3 Electricity & Heat eBook