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Vu+ 5 Pack

Edina Trust Vu+ 5 Pack

With built-in USB & Bluetooth connectivity, Vu+ is the low cost award winning primary data logging solution you need to enhance your primary science lessons with the view to working scientifically!

This pack includes five Vu+ data loggers, five temperature sensors, five connecting leads, a charging tray plus three heart rate sensors.

Note: This pack can only be purchased using the Edina Trust Science Grant, please visit Edina Trust for more information and grant applications.

Built-in Primary Sensors

Vu+ adds value by integrating 3 built-in sensors, you can take Vu+ almost anywhere to start capturing scientific data in to the data loggers memory.




Edina Trust Review

Hands-on Review

Please describe how the grant has impacted on (i) the science learning outcomes for your pupils, and, (ii) your teaching practice:

"We now have the resources to carry out more practical lessons. Using data loggers, the children feel they are proper scientists carrying out investigations. Having measurable data WAU is more integrated into our numeracy lessons as well."

Gillian McCann (teacher) at Cliftonville Integrated Primary School.

Easy Data Logging Menu

The Vu+ provides an intuitive, large graphical display menu system that's easy to use so that you can start recording data in an instant. You can quickly record data in the following modes without being connected to a computer:

  • EasyLog
  • Meters
  • Pictograms
  • Snapshot
  • Timing
  • Counting
data harvest vu
data harvest vu plus
Add More Sensors

For many applications the built-in sensors provide a great starting place to understanding the world around us, with the option to add more sensors Vu+ becomes even more useful in and out of the classroom.

A complete Solution

Supplied in a handy Gratnells Deep Storage Tray allowing you to charge all 5 Vu+ Data Loggers via the supplied USB charging system. Vu+ provides everything you need to start teaching and learning science, including our fully featured site license of the EasySense Software, Teaching Guides, Connecting Leads and lifetime support.

Note: Tray colours will be changed to the new Data Harvest blue from February 2022

Vu+ has been tested and certified by The Association for Science Education (ASE) and is the best solution for primary science and working scientifically.

data harvest vu plus
data harvest free software

Vu+ can be connected directly to a computer with the EasySense software via bluetooth or USB. Our EasySense software has features specific to primary education which makes capturing and analysing your science experiments a breeze.


data harvest vu science website

Learn primary science through Data Logging activities with the Vu Primary Data Logger. Enjoy 3 FREE courses that introduce the Vu Data Logger, Using Vu with our EasySense Software and a number short lessons providing ideas and activities you can quickly use in your own lesson plans.

Your Purchasing Options

For customers outside of the UK, please contact Data Harvest or an overseas distributor within your country.

Edina Trust Vu+ Data Logging 5 Pack Edina Trust Vu+ Data Logging 5 Pack
Order No. Edina-DLP
Reliable and durable, designed for the classroom

Vu+ comes with 5 years warranty and lifetime support, we ensure your investment gives you complete peace of mind.

Vu+ Specification

LCD Graphical
Sensor Inputs (Plug-in) 2
Timing Inputs A & B Yes
Built-in Sensors 3: Light, Temperature, Sound
Rechargeable Batteries Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB
Firmware Upgradeable Yes

What's in the box

5 x Vu+ Data Loggers
5 x USB Leads
5 x Plug-in Vu Temperature Sensors
3 x Heart Rate Sensors
5 x Lanyards
1 x Charging Tray
EasySense Software (Download)
Teaching Resources (Download)