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Heat Comparison Thermometers (Pair)

Order No. NRK006

Heat Comparison Thermometers

Heat Comparison Thermometers

Heat Comparison Thermometers (Pair) is an accessory for Genecon V3 which converts the electrical energy from the hand generator to heat.

The heat generated is shown as a temperature reading and a colour change on a liquid-crystal thermometer. Liquid-crystal thermometers use liquid crystals that change colour in response to temperature changes. Mixtures of liquid crystals are enclosed in seven separate partitions; numbers on the partitions indicate temperatures according to the amount of heat present (from 30 to 60oC).

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Teaching Applications

Connect Thermo - Power to a hand generator and wind the handle to change the temperature display. Feel how much energy is needed to make heat, an ideal way to link the production of heat to energy use.

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Heat Comparison Thermometers (Pair) Specification

Learn more about the Heat Comparison Thermometers (Pair) specification and range information.


Suitable For Genecon V3

What's in the box

2x Thermometers

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