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This SmartQ Humidity Sensor has now been discontinued.

Please see our latest wireless version for more information.

Wireless Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor

Humidity Sensor

The warmer the air is, the more water vapour it can ‘hold’. Humidity is an expression used to describe the amount of water vapour present in air. This sensor measures water vapour content relative to the ambient temperature.

Measuring Humidity

The Humidity Sensor measures relative humidity, which is the amount of water vapour in the air compared with the amount of vapour needed to make the air saturated at the air’s current temperature.

A reading of 100% relative humidity means that the air is totally saturated with water vapour and cannot hold any more so sweat cannot evaporate and we feel much hotter than the actual temperature. If the relative humidity is low, we can feel much cooler than the actual temperature because our sweat evaporates easily, cooling us off.

The slots in the end cap of the sensor have been designed to allow for circulation of air as this can affect response time considerably.

Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Practical Teaching

The SmartQ Heart Rate Sensor can be used to investigate a number of scientific experiments such as:

  • Transpiration of plants
  • Greenhouse or Terrarium studies
  • Homeostasis (sweating, control of body temperature)
  • Investigate changes between inhaled and exhaled air
  • Air around a burning candle / spirit lamp
  • Two sided transpiration investigation
  • Room environment
  • Weather studies
  • Examining different habitats
  • Humidity’s effect on static electricity

Warranty & Support

All our sensors are supplied with 5 years warranty and lifetime

Your Purchasing Options

For customers outside of the UK, please contact Data Harvest or an overseas distributor within your country.

Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the Humidity Sensor

Product Manuals

Download Humidity Sensor Manual | Version: 4


Ranges 1
0 to 100% RH
Resolution 0.1% RH
Accuracy ±2.5% RH at 55% RH, ±5% RH between 10 and 95% RH
Temperature operating range 30 to 60?
Temperature coefficient (10 to 50?): 0.1% RH/?
Response time 5 seconds for 63% response to a step change 33 to 75% RH

What's in the box

1x Humidity Sensor

Other Information

If used in an environment where there is a risk of condensation take precautions to ensure that liquid cannot enter the sensor.