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Lamp Kit

Genecon Lamp & LED Kit

This consists of two items which can each plug into the Genecon V3.

One item is a lamp holder fitted with a 2.5 V MES filament lamp and the other is an LED module. The two are supplied together to enable comparisons to be made between the characteristics of the filament Lamp and the LED.

data harvest genecon v3
This product can show

  • It takes much more effort to light the lamp than the LED
  • The lamp works equally well when the handle is turned in either direction ie. with either polarity of voltage
  • The LED only lights when the handle is turned one way, ie. with one polarity
  • The lamp lights dimly and gradually increases in brightness as the dynamo speed is increased.
  • The LED does not light at all until a threshold is reached, but then becomes very bright at high dynamo speeds

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Suitable For Genecon V3

What's in the box

1x LED Lamp Attachment
1x Filament Lamp Attachment