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Note: This product is now a legacy product, alternative products are listed below.

Motion Sensor

Order No. 3270

Records change in distance over time, making it ideal for teaching of mechanics / kinematics.

The Motion Sensor is a sonar device that emits ultrasonic pulses, which reflect off an object. It measures the time it takes a high frequency sound pulse to travel from the Sensor to an object and back. This time data is used, together with the speed of sound, to determine the distance of an object from the Sensor.

The Motion Sensor has automatic correction for variation in air temperature incorporated into the seven Distance ranges. The Time range measures the time taken for the pulse to travel to an object and back so can be used to measure the speed of sound.

The maximum sample rate is 50 Hz. The Motion sensor is supplied with a steel rod for clamping into a suitable holding device e.g. a retort stand.

Alternative Products

The following products are recommended alternatives to this Motion Sensor as this is now a legacy or unsupported product.

Wireless Motion Sensor
Wireless Rotary Motion Sensor

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