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pH Glass Electrode

pH Glass Electrode

Replacement electrode for the pH sensor.

  • Sealed Silver / silver chloride gel filled electrode
  • Isopotential point pH7
  • 56mV per pH, 0 +/- 30mV at pH 7.0
  • BNC connector

Tip: Maintain the level of storage solution, the pH sensitive glass membrane must be kept wet. Store the electrode tip in a 1:1 solution of pH 4 buffer and 3.5 to 4 mol dm-3 KCl. Do not ever store in deionised or distilled water

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pH Glass Electrode pH Glass Electrode 2251
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Product Manuals

Download pH Sensor Manual | Version: 5
Download pH Electrode Data Sheet | Version: 1


Diameter 13mm
Working temperature 0 - 80°C

What's in the box

1x pH Glass Electrode

Other Information

Polycarbonate body, Non refillable, Replaceable reference junction
Electrode Additional Specification: E°: 0±25 mV, Stir Noise (pH 6.86): ±1000 µV, Slope (pH 4.00 – 6.86): >96%, Drift (pH 4.00): ±1000 µV, Sodium Slope: >440 mV, Junction Resistance: 300-32000 ohms.