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Prepared Microscope Slides
Prepared Microscope Slides

Deluxe set of prepared microscope slides in a wooden box specifically chosen for life science and biology applications.

The set includes the following slides:


  • Ant (whole mount)
  • Dragonfly Wings (whole mount)
  • Cotton Worm (whole mount)
  • Housefly Compound Eye (whole mount)
  • Bee Wings (whole mount)
  • House Fly Wing (whole mount)
  • House Fly Leg (whole mount)
  • Honeybee Mouth Parts (whole mount)
  • Earthworm (cross-section)
  • Silkworm Moth Larva (whole mount)
  • Butterfly Leg (whole mount)
  • Butterfly Wings Scales (whole mount)


  • Wheaten leaf epidermis (whole mount)
  • Pine Stem (cross-section)
  • Cotton Leaf (cross-section)
  • Onion Epidermis (whole mount)
  • Pollen Gem (whole mount)
  • Fern Root (cross-section)
  • Moss Capsule (longitudinal-section)
  • Pine Leaf (cross-section)
  • Cotton Stem (cross-section)
  • Mitosis - Onion Root Tip (longitudinal-section)
  • Fern Leaf - Sorus (cross-section)
  • Fern Prothallia (whole mount)


  • Pig Liver (section)
  • Mitosis Animal Cell
  • Daphnia (whole mount)
  • Cerebrum mammal (section)
  • Hydra (cross-section)
  • Artery & Vein (cross-section)
  • Hydra (longitudinal-section)
  • Human Sperm Smear
  • Bone marrow smear mammal
  • Skin Mammal (section)
  • Smooth Muscle
  • Ovary Amphibian


  • Frog showing spermary (section)
  • Frog Epidermic Cell (section)
  • Freshwater Fish Gill
  • Fish Blood smear
  • Fish Scales (whole mount)
  • Frog Blood smear
  • Frog Egg 2 cell
  • Frog Egg 1 cell
  • Frog - Gastrula (section)
  • Frog - Holoblastic Cleavage
  • Frog Spermatozoa smear
  • Frog lung (section)
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