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This SmartQ Rotary Motion Sensor has now been discontinued.

Please see our latest wireless version for more information.

Wireless Rotary Motion Sensor
Rotary Motion

Rotary Motion Sensor

A versatile sensor for measuring circular motion and oscillations. Combined with EasySense software it makes an ideal demonstration to explain wave phases in SHM and why circular motion can be described as a sine waveform.

Ideal for Physics

This bi-directional 8 range sensor is ideal for Physics departments. Its three-tier low friction pulley is capable of measuring a variety of motions including pendulum, angular and linear.

On the front of the Sensor is a three-tier pulley with 49mm, 31mm and 1mm diameters.

The Rotary Motion Sensor is supplied with a mounting rod that can be attached to four sides of the sensor and then clamped into a suitable holding device in many different orientations. It has a reset button that sets the output of the Sensor to centre point of the scale.

data harvest pendulum
data harvest disc
Additional Accessories

The optional Rotary Motion Accessory kit widens the range of investigations this sensor can achieve as listed below.

  • Conservation of angular momentum
  • Moments of inertia
  • Pendulum investigations
  • Gravitational rotational energy
  • Frictional torque
  • Rotational collisions
  • Rotational inertia
  • Linear displacement of an object or sensor e.g. movement of gas syringe, distance moved by a sensor, etc.

Teaching Activities

The Rotary Motion Sensor can be used to investigate a number of scientific experiments such as:

  • Study of pendulums and SHM
  • Time distance with a dynamics system
  • Motion of a Clifton(wedge) spirometer
  • Measurement of linear distance
  • Conservation of angular momentum
  • Movement of gas syringe
  • Distance of light intensity vs. separation in young’s slits diffraction measurements
  • Resonance of sound in an open pipe

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For customers outside of the UK, please contact Data Harvest or an overseas distributor within your country.

Rotary Motion Accessory Kit Rotary Motion Accessory Kit
Order No. 3288
Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the Rotary Motion Sensor

Product Manuals

Download Rotary Motion Sensor Manual | Version: 5
Download Rotary Motion Accessory Pack Manual | Version: 4


Material 8
Angular Position 0 to 360 degrees (resolution 0.1 degree)
Angular Velocity (revs.)
±4 revs/s (resolution 0.01 rev)
Angular Velocity (rads.) ±40 radians/s (resolution 0.1 rad)
Distance using 11 mm pulley ±200 mm (resolution 0.1 mm)
Distance using 31 mm pulley ±2000 mm (resolution 1 mm)
Distance using 49 mm pulley ±2000 mm (resolution 1 mm)
Pendulum ±20 degrees (resolution 0.1 degree)
Linear distance with linear rack ±200 mm (resolution 0.1 mm)

What's in the box

1x Rotary Motion Sensor
1x Steel rod (80 mm long x 10 mm diameter with a M6 thread)

Other Information

When the optical encoder disc fitted to the shaft of the sensor turns it cuts through a light source and produce a pulse each time the beam is interrupted. The optical encoder will give a maximum of 1024 counts per revolution of the sensors shaft.