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SmartScope 5M-500

SmartScope 5M-500

The SmartMicroScope 5M-500 handheld digital microscope is powerful, versatile and easy to use. The single focus dial allows students to explore hidden worlds all around us and is a great discovery tool for all ages.

The SmartMicroScope 5M-500 is compatible with both the PC and MAC.

  • View the different stages of mitosis.
  • What does salt look like?
  • How are plant and animal cells alike and different?
  • What do insect eyes look like?
  • What lives in pond water?

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SmartScope 5M-500 SmartScope 5M-500
Order No. SMSS227
SmartMicroScope Gooseneck Stand SmartMicroScope Gooseneck Stand
Order No. SMSS319
SmartMicroScope Lens Tip Set SmartMicroScope Lens Tip Set
Order No. SMSS321
SmartMicroScope Cradle SmartMicroScope Cradle
Order No. SMSS323
Animal Specimen Set 1 Animal Specimen Set 1
Order No. SMSS418
Animal Specimen Set 2 Animal Specimen Set 2
Order No. SMSS419
Prepared Microscope Slides Prepared Microscope Slides
Order No. SMSS431


Magnification 500x
Resolution up to 2592 x 1944 for still images
Illumination 6 LED built-in and adjustable
Gain Control Auto Gain Control (AGC)
Snapshot Mode Hardware/Software controllable
White Balance Automatic
Power Source 5VDC via USB port

What's in the box

1x SmartScope 5M-500