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Spoked Pulley

Spoked Pulley

This precision 10 segment, low friction pulley produces excellent results in a Physics lab. It can be attached to a Light Gate, Rotary Motion Sensor or used with the Dynamics System.

When the Spoked Pulley is attached to a Light Gate its spokes will block the infrared beam of the Light Gate as it rotates and can therefore be used for the continuous recording of time/distance, time/velocity and time/acceleration relationships.

The pulley can also be used as a guide for a pulley cord or to convert movement from one angle to another e.g. on a Rotary Motion sensor.

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Spoked Pulley Spoked Pulley
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Product Manuals

Download Spoked Pulley Manual | Version: 3


Material Plastic/Nylon

What's in the box

1x Spoked Pulley
1x Mounting Bracket
1x Pozidrive Screw