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Turbidity Pack 100NTU

Turbidity Pack

For use with the combined colorimeter and turbidity meter

The Data Harvest combined colorimeter and turbidity meter is flexible tool, for measuring the light transmission and scatter properties of a sample. The colorimeter and turbidity meters are housed in a single package with a variety of sample presentation options available.

The turbidity meter quantifies a solution’s clarity (in the near infrared); an expression of this is turbidity. By its measurement, we can get a quick yet accurate estimate of a sample’s particle content. This capability may be used in chemistry, biological and environmental studies such as water purity and algae formation. It may also be employed in many industrial processes such as winemaking and brewing.

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Turbidity Pack Turbidity Pack
Order No. ACC-26
Wireless Colorimeter Wireless Colorimeter
Order No. 1220
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Product Manuals

Web Version Download Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity Manual | Version: 0
Download Turbidity EU Data Sheet | Version: 0


Formazin sample solution 100NTU

What's in the box

1 x 100NTU Formazin sample solution
4 x Empty calibration bottles