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Vu Power House

Order No. 100200

Vu Heart Rate Sensor

Vu Power House

Explore sustainable living and alternative energy with the Vu Power House. Build the power house and then conduct up to 100 activities centred in and around the house.

Note: Vu+ data logger required.


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Learn primary science through Data Logging activities with the Vu Primary Data Logger. Enjoy 3 FREE CPD courses that introduce the Vu Data Logger, Using Vu with our EasySense Software and a number short lessons providing ideas and activities you can quickly use in your own lesson plans.

Activities booklet and easy connections

A 64 page booklet describes the activities and gives background science to understand the work.

Connect the included solar panels to the Vu logger Voltage sensor (supplied) and see how much electricity is made.

Use the Vu Temperature sensor (supplied with the Vu logger) to measure the heat gain and loss of the house over time.

You can even grow plants in the green house!

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data harvest power house
A large set of components

The Power House Kit Includes:

  • Power house polystyrene parts (that need to be assembled)
  • Solar cell
  • Solar motor and propeller
  • Thermometer
  • Solar collector
  • Die-cut and cut-out sheets
  • Lid, dowels, LED, solarium cover, connecting wire, fastening clips, and lots more

The Power House Kit allows for a large number of investigations such as:

  • Cold, warmer, hot
  • Heat- familiar yet mysterious
  • The sun as heat dispenser
  • There is something in the air
  • Water, salt and rain
  • Great climate
  • Light and heat from the sun
  • Electricity from solar energy
  • Electricity from wind
  • Tricks that plants use
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Vu Power House Specification

Learn more about the Vu Power House specification and range information.


House Material Polystyrene foam
Voltage Sensor -0 to 3V

What's in the box

1x Power House Kit
1 x Vu Voltage Sensor

Product Manuals

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Vu Voltage Sensor Manual | Doc No. ds126 | Rev. 2 Download

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