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Wire Coil & Magnet
Wire Coil & Magnet

When used in an electromagnetic induction investigation, the best results will be obtained by using with either the ±1 V Voltage or ±100 mA Current sensor.

Teaching Applications

  • Faraday's law of induced e.m.f. (induced by a magnet falling through the wire coil)
  • Induced e.m.f. when a magnet spins in a coil
  • The effect of speed of the magnet on induced e.m.f, e.g. dropping the magnet from different heights.
  • Two Wire Coils can be set at a distance apart equal to their radius in a Helmholtz arrangement to generate an area of uniform magnetic field intensity between the coils. A Magnetic Field sensor (3170) can be used to study the magnetic field along their axis.
  • Measuring e.m.f. and change in magnetic field to study how rate of change of magnetic field creates voltage and current.

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Wire Coil & Magnet Wire Coil & Magnet 3173


Wire Coil Internal diameter: 105 mm, external diameter: 138 mm, height: 29 mm
Coil Turns 500 turns of 0.355 mm diameter insulated copper wire
Coil Resistance approx. 37?
Anodised aluminium rod approx.140 mm long x 9.6 mm diameter

What's in the box

1x Wire Coil
1x Ferrite Magnet