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Wireless Geiger-Müller Sensor


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The Smart Wireless Geiger-Müller (GM) sensor provides a practical and engaging way for students to learn about nuclear physics, radiation, and safety. Measure alpha, beta and gamma radiation in a variety of experiments such as intensity-distance and radioactive sources.

Wireless Geiger-Müller Sensor
Reliable and durable, designed for the classroom

All our sensors come with 5 years warranty and lifetime support, we ensure your investment gives you complete peace of mind.

Example Science Experiments

Here are just a few example practical ideas you can achieve by using the Wireless Geiger-Müller Sensor.

  • Intensity-distance laws for radiation and radioactivity
  • Background radiation
  • Radioactive half-life determination
  • Locating radiation “hot spots” due in mineral deposits
  • Increased radiation in enclosed spaces due to radon
  • Activity of different radioactive sources
  • Radioactive emission penetration through different materials
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Wireless Geiger-Müller Sensor Wireless Geiger-Müller Sensor
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What's in the box

1x Wireless Geiger-Müller Sensor
EasySense2 Software (Digital download)
Sensor Manual (Digital download)