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Breathing Rate Belt Pack

Wireless Pressure Sensor & Breathing Rate Belt Pack

The Wireless Pressure Sensor & Breathing Rate Belt Pack combines a ±25kPa Differential Gas Pressure Sensor and a Breathing Rate belt to measure the expansion and contraction of a person’s chest while they breathe.

When used as part of a data logging experiment students can begin to explore breathing patterns.

How does it work?

Fitted inside the Belt is an inflatable air bladder, which is moulded to two rubber tubes. One of these tubes has a hand pump bulb that is used to inflate the air bladder, the other tube is used attached to the Differential Gas Pressure Sensor to monitor the change in pressure as the test subjects chest expands and contracts during breathing.

Breathing Rate Belt Pack
Boy with breathing rate sensor
Breathing patterns

The Breathing belt is placed around the lower chest.

The bladder in the belt is connected to a Pressure sensor and lightly pressurised.

Changes in chest size due to breathing will create a change in pressure in the bladder, which in turn will be recorded by the sensor.


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data harvest accelerometer sensor kit with dynamics
Pre-calibrated ready for use

The Differential Gas Pressure Sensor is pre-calibrated at manufacture making it ready to plug-in and start using with minimal setup time.


Comparing breathing patterns of different student groups
e.g. athletes and non-athletes, wind-instrument players, female and males, different ages, etc.
Relaxation Studies
Changes of the body during exercise
Recovery time after exercise
Simple breathing rates

Product Manuals

View Smart Wireless Differential Gas Pressure Sensor Manual | Version: 0
View Breathing Rate Belt Manual | Version: 5

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Wireless Pressure Sensor & Breathing Rate Belt Pack Wireless Pressure Sensor & Breathing Rate Belt Pack
Order No. 1152

Breathing Belt Specification

Chest size 780 - 1100mm

Differential Gas Pressure Sensor Specification

Chest size 780 - 1100mm
Ranges 2
kPa Range ±25 kPa (Resolution 0.01 kPa)
psi Range ±1.5 psi (Resolution 0.001 psi)
Connectivity Mini-Din to Data Logger
Battery Not Required

What's in the box

The Breathing Rate Belt
±25kPa Differential Gas Pressure Sensor
1.5m Mini-Din Sensor Lead
EasySense Software (Digital download)
Sensor Manual (Digital download)