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Drop and Bubble Counter

Order No. 3266 | £105.00

The Drop / Bubble Counter is perfect for highly accurate automated titrations. It can be used to count either drops of fluid falling from a dropping device e.g. during a titration, or bubbles rising through fluid in a column.

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Accurate Automated Titrations

The Counter makes use of an infrared beam which when interrupted (e.g. by a drop or bubble) creates a digital signal that is counted. A red LED indicator will blink as a drop or bubble passes. There is a small button close to the indicator that can be pressed to reset a count to zero.

Use one of the 7 pre-calibrated ranges or count the drops and calibrate to the drop size. Accuracy is to the volume of the last counted drop.

Data Harvest Drop and Bubble Counter

Possible Activities

Want to know how you can use this product in your science lessons? Take a look at the list of possible use cases and activities to get you started with the Drop and Bubble Counter.

  • Acid-base titrations
  • Conductometric titrations
  • Large bubble counting for rate of reaction work
  • Gas Evolution 
  • Fermentation monitoring
  • First derivative of rate of change of pH
Data Harvest Drop and Bubble Counter

Drop and Bubble Counter Specification

Learn more about the Drop and Bubble Counter specification and range information.

Ranges3, Counts, Volume, Drop Rate
Counts0 to 10,000
Volume0 to 120 cm³
Drop Rate23 to 29 drops per cm³
Infrared SourcePeak at 880 nm

Product Manuals

Browse our HTML based product manuals or download them to your computer.

Drop Bubble Counter Sensor Manual | Doc No. ds066 | Rev. 3 Download

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