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FlowGo Interface

FlowGo is a control interface with a difference – it has memory! It connects to the computer and is used in conjunction with the Go Control software to bring real models and children’s creations to life with lights and movement.


The FlowGo Interface is now a clearence item at a massive discount until stocks last. This item is product only and does not include the Go software as it has now been discontinued.

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Code, Connect & Control

While connected to a computer, FlowGo will work like a standard control interface, switching bulbs, buzzers or motors on and off according to the sequence of commands written in a control program.

FlowGo is special because a control program can be downloaded to its memory so that FlowGo can run the program completely independently, whilst disconnected from the computer.

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Inputs & Outputs

Devices that attach to the FlowGo interface include:

  • Inputs: switches e.g. push, light, tilt, proximity and pressure pads
  • Outputs: bulbs, buzzers, motors, and LED lights
  • Sensors: temperature and light

Reliable and durable, designed for the classroom

FlowGo comes with 5 years warranty and lifetime support, we ensure your investment gives you complete peace of mind.

Purchase Options

For customers outside of the UK, please contact Data Harvest or an overseas distributor within your country.

FlowGo FlowGo
Order No. 3600UK
Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the FlowGo

Product Manuals

Download FlowGo Manual | Version: 6


Digital Inputs and Outputs All have 4 mm sockets
Outputs 6, For 6 V bulbs, buzzers, LEDs, etc.
Inputs 4, Digital Inputs for switches
Motors 2, to run motors forwards and backwards and at varying speeds
Analogue Inputs 2, 3.5 mm jack sockets for temperature and light sensors
Power Supply 6 V, 2 A mains power supply
Batteries Not Required

What's in the box

1x Flowgo Interface
1x USB Lead
1x 6V Mains power supply
1x Battery snap