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Learn & Go Pack

Learn & Go can be thought of as an intelligent switch box with a memory. It is able to remember, or learn, the order in which switches are pressed, how long each switch is held down, and how long between the presses.

Learn 1,2,3,4 & Go

Learn & Go controller is a clever little box that offers an easy first step into the world of control, without needing a computer. It enables pupils to progress from using a switch in a simple circuit to ‘programming’ a sequence of on/off switch actions to bring pictures to life and movement to models.

data harvest flowgo interface
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Inputs & Outputs

Learn & Go has four 4mm sockets that allow for connecting various outputs to your models.

  • Outputs: bulbs, buzzers, motors, and LED lights

eLearn & Go Software

eLearn & Go provides an on-screen representation of the Learn & Go controller for demonstration plus animated on-screen ACEs giving children virtual models to control.

Note: eLearn & Go Software sold separately.

eLearn & Go Software
data harvest elearn and go control software
Reliable and durable, designed for the classroom

Learn & Go comes with 5 years warranty and lifetime support, we ensure your investment gives you complete peace of mind.

Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product resources such as manuals and firmware for the Learn & Go Pack

Product Manuals

Download Learn and Go Manual | Version: 3

Purchase Options

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Product Order No.
Learn & Go Pack Learn & Go Pack 6295PK


Digital Inputs and Outputs All have 4 mm sockets
Outputs 4, For 6 V bulbs, buzzers, LEDs, etc.
Inputs None
Motors 2, to run motors forwards and backwards and at varying speeds
Analogue Inputs None
Power Supply 6 V, 2 A mains power supply
Batteries Can be used with the supplied 6 volt battery snap

What's in the box

1x Learn & Go Interface
1x pack of 10 Spring connectors
1x 6V Mains power supply
1x Battery snap