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force sensorr

Force Sensor

The Force sensor uses a strain gauge bonded to a high tensile strength beam and is used to measure compression and extension forces applied perpendicular to the beam. 

It can be clamped to a stand or attached to the Dynamics system.

Warranty & Support

All our sensors are supplied with 5 years warranty and lifetime support.

Investigating Force

The sensor comes with accessories to use with the most common investigations. The hook is used with the spring for simple harmonic motion investigations, with stretchy rubber for bungee jumping, and with stiff wire for investigating centripetal force in a pendulum. The cushioned and non-cushioned stops are used when investigating collisions and crumple zones, where a cart on a ramp collides with the sensor.

data harvest force sensor
data harvest force sensor
Practical Teaching

The Force Sensor can be used to investigate a number of scientific experiments such as:

  • Simple harmonic motion in a spring
  • Centripetal force in a pendulum
  • Bungee jump (impulse, momentum, conservation of energy and resultant forces)
  • Newton’s laws of motion e.g. action and reaction
  • Frictional forces
  • Hooke’s law
  • Resultant forces – static and dynamic
  • Impulse and collision
  • Buoyant force (flotation and resultant forces)
  • Forces and moments in levers
  • Triangle of forces
  • Demonstration balance
  • Muscle fatigue test
  • Changes in the circumference of a tree during a 24 hr period (used as a dendrometer)
Your Purchasing Options

For customers outside of the UK, please contact Data Harvest or an overseas distributor within your country.

Force Sensor Force Sensor
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Force Sensor Spares Pack Force Sensor Spares Pack
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Physics (14-18) Motion & Forces Sensor Pack Physics (14-18) Motion & Forces Sensor Pack
Order No. CSP003
Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the Force Sensor

Product Manuals

Download Force Sensor Manual | Version: 3


Ranges 1, ±50 N
Display resolution 0.1 N
Maximum 50 N

What's in the box

1x Force Sensor
1x Thumbscrew for securing the sensor to a stand
1x 20 N spring, suitable for use with a 1.5 - 2.0 kg mass
1x Set of Fixings: A solid safety stop, a rubber cushioned stop and a hook to suspend a mass