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Note: This product is now a legacy product, alternative products are listed below.

Gas Pressure - Absolute, Barometer, Altimeter

Order No. 3210

Measures the absolute pressure of the system it is connected to. Range of 0 – 110kPa.

  • Gay-Lussac’s law (Pressure vs. Temperature)
  • Weather studies / Changes in air pressure (Barometric pressure)
  • Altimeter

With the port left open the Sensor will display the value for atmospheric pressure (average 101.325 kPa).

External diameters of the ports are tapered from 4.0 to 4.3 mm. Use with flexible tubing 3.0 to 3.5 mm internal diameter. These Sensors are not suitable for use with flammable gases.

Alternative Products

The following products are recommended alternatives to this Gas Pressure - Absolute, Barometer, Altimeter as this is now a legacy or unsupported product.

Gas Pressure Accessory Pack (For Smart Wireless)
Wireless Absolute Gas Pressure Sensor
Wireless Differential Gas Pressure Sensor

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Gas Pressure Sensor Manual | Doc No. ds030 | Rev. 5 Download

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