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light gate

Light Gates

The Light gate is a digital switch-type sensor that is most commonly used in timing experiments.

How Light Gates Work

The Light gate has an infrared transmitter and receiver that will detect a solid object passing through the ‘gate’. A red On/Off indicator will light when the infrared beam is blocked.

data harvest sensors
data harvest sensors
In Use

The gates can be used singly or in pairs for time, speed, velocity, acceleration and event monitoring. Designed to work seamlessly with the Data Harvest Dynamics system and timing part of the EasySense software. Ideal for all your dynamics / mechanics / kinematics work.

Other Uses

When used in a non-timing mode e.g. Graph, the Light gate can be used to mark an event on a graph and the length of the interrupt can be used to determine velocity.

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Teaching Applications

Light Gates can be used in a number of science teaching applications as shown below:

  • All timing and basic dynamics work
  • Free fall
  • Proof of g
  • Diluted gravity (Galileo’s gravity from slope
  • Time period of an oscillating body
  • Impulse (with force sensor)
  • Conservation of energy (momentum)
  • Centripetal force in a pendulum
  • Muscle fatigue
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Light Gates Light Gates
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All available free teacher worksheets for the Light Gates

Motion studies with light gates

Motion studies with light gates

Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the Light Gates

Product Manuals

Download Light Gate Sensor Manual | Version: 4


Infrared Source Peak at 880nm
Response Time
Less than 5 microseconds
Timing Resolution 10 microseconds
Connectivity Mini-Din to Data Logger
Battery Not Required

What's in the box

1x Light Gate
Sensor Manual (Digital download)