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Light Level Sensorr

Light Level Sensor

The Light level sensor is one of the essential sensors for data logging.

It can record using five different ranges, these include four filtered ranges that cover from 0 to 100,000 Lux, a transmission range for homemade colorimeters and the fast response range which has no filtering and will show the modulation on an incandescent or fluorescent light.

Measuring Light

The sensor utilises the photometric system of measurement that defines light in terms of how it is perceived by the human eye. The eye’s sensitivity is dependent on the wavelength or colour of the light.

Peak sensitivity occurs in the green part of the visible spectrum while the eye’s response to infrared or ultraviolet is zero.

Light Level Sensor
Light Level Sensor
Practical Teaching

The SmartQ Light Level Sensor can be used to investigate a number of scientific experiments such as:

  • Inverse square law
  • Start-up current of light bulb
  • A.C. modulations of a fluorescent or incandescent lamp or computer monitor screen due to mains frequency 
  • Reflection and absorption of light
  • Used with an Infrared sensor to study infrared in the spectrum
  • Makeshift colorimeter e.g. breakdown of starch by amylase 
  • Photosynthesis and light intensity
  • Investigating interference using a Laser – single and double slit diffraction (Young’s slit) 
  • Environmental monitoring and hours of daylight
  • Incident light vs. season / angle
  • Polarizers

Warranty & Support

All our sensors are supplied with 5 years warranty and lifetime

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Light Level Sensor Light Level Sensor
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Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the Light Level Sensor

Product Manuals

Download Light Level Sensor Manual | Version: 2


Ranges 5
0 to 1,000 Lux, for interior and lab lighting work. (Resolution 1 Lux)
0 to 10 kLux (10,000 Lux), suitable for strong local light sources e.g. bench lamps. (Resolution 5 Lux)
0 to 100 kLux (100,000 Lux), suitable for most outside light. (Resolution 43 Lux)
0 to 1,000 Lux fast, suitable for low light sources where intensity is changing rapidly (Resolution 1 Lux)
Transmission 0 to 110%
Light range sensitivity From 350 nm to 700 nm

What's in the box

1x Light Level Sensor

Other Information

Photodiode produces a voltage proportional to light intensity.
Built in infrared rejection filter.