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Vu+ Primary Data Logger

Order No. 2305PK

Created Just for Primary Science

With built-in USB & Bluetooth connectivity, Vu+ is the low cost award winning primary data logging solution you need to enhance your primary science lessons with the view to working scientifically!

Vu+ allows for 2 external plug-in sensors from the Vu range and has 3 built-in sensors which means you can start data logging out of the box.

  • EasySense software makes data logging easy
  • Capture data at the click of a single button
  • Intuitive menu thats super easy to use
  • Includes easy data logging eBook of activities to get you started
  • Full video guides to get up and running in no time
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Learn more about the Vu+ Primary Data Logger in the video below, or visit our YouTube playlists for more product videos.


Equipped with all the essentials for initiating primary science teaching and learning, Vu+ comes with a fully-featured site license of the EasySense Software, Teaching Guides, Connecting Leads, and lifetime support, along with one external plug-in temperature sensor.

Vu+ has undergone rigorous testing and certification by The Association for Science Education (ASE), affirming its status as the premier solution for primary science education and fostering scientific inquiry.

Data Harvest Vu+ Primary Data Logger


Incorporating additional sensors such as the Vu Voltage Sensor, Vu Push Button Switches, Vu Light Gates, Vu Heart Rate Sensor, and Vu Timing Ramp Set further enhances the versatility of Vu+.

These sensors, combined with the integrated ones for Light, Temperature, and Sound, offer an excellent foundation for comprehending the world around us.

With these expanded capabilities, Vu+ becomes even more beneficial both inside and outside the classroom.

Data Harvest Vu+ Primary Data Logger

Possible Activities

Want to know how you can use this product in your science lessons? Take a look at the list of possible use cases and activities to get you started with the Vu+ Primary Data Logger.

  • Explore science around the classroom
  • Make Vu+ part of your field studies
  • Cross-curricular maths and science
  • Easy data logging guides to get you started
  • Multiple sensors that cover everything needed for primary science
  • Unlock temperature, heart rate, voltages and timing activities! All from one Vu+ data logger and low-cost external sensors
Data Harvest Vu+ Primary Data Logger

Vu+ Primary Data Logger Specification

Learn more about the Vu+ Primary Data Logger specification and range information.

LCD Graphical
Sensor Inputs (Plug-in)2
Timing Inputs A & BYes
Built-in Sensors3: Light, Temperature, Sound
Rechargeable BatteriesYes
ConnectivityUSB Only
Firmware UpgradeableYes

Product Manuals

Browse our HTML based product manuals or download them to your computer.

Updating VU+ Firmware | Doc No. ds151 | Rev. 2 Download
Vu+ eBook | Doc No. do240 | Rev. 2 Download
Vu+ User Guide | Doc No. ds147 | Rev. 4 Download
Vu+ Manual Reference Manual | Doc No. do255 | Rev. 4 Download

Software and Firmware Updates

Download software or product firmware updates to your computer.

Vu+ Firmware Update | Ver. 1.6

Reliable and durable, designed for the classroom

All our sensors come with 5 years warranty and lifetime support, we ensure your investment gives you complete peace of mind.