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Rain Gauget

Rain Gauge

The Rain Gauge is an accessory for the Count/Tachometer adaptor which used together can record rain fall in mm.

The Rain Gauge is a `tipping bucket' type. As rain falls the water runs down through the collecting funnel into a self-emptying spoon which tips and empties each time the equivalent of 1 mm of rain has fallen. Total rainfall is measured by counting how many times the bucket tips. The Rain gauge is wired to a 10 m lead that terminates in a 3.5 mm jack plug for connection to a Count/Tachometer adaptor.

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Rain Gauge Rain Gauge
Order No. 3298
Rain Gauge Pack Rain Gauge Pack
Order No. 3298PK
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Product Manuals

Download Rain Gauge Sensor Manual | Version: 2


Jack Size 3.5 mm
Lead Length 10 m

What's in the box

1x Jack to Jack Lead