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RF Electrosmog Sensor

RF Electrosmog Sensor

Electrosmog is a term applied to the background, invisible, electromagnetic radiation resulting from the use of both wireless technology and mains electricity.

The RF Electrosmog sensor is a broad bandwidth RF (Radio Frequency) detector, which can detect over the frequency range 50 MHz to 3 GHz. This makes it suitable for measuring RF that comes from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens and mobile phones.

Measuring RF Electrosmog

The detector does not distinguish the frequency of the RF source but some discrimination of frequency can be achieved with design of the antenna. The sensor is fitted with a female F-type connector (the type used for cable and satellite aerial connections), this allows the user to make and attach antennae that are more specifically tuned to a particular frequency.

Supplied with the sensor is a 31 mm antenna, plus a 0.5 metre length of coaxial cable and 2 screw on F-connectors for making your own.

RF Electrosmog Sensor
RF Electrosmog Sensor
Practical Teaching

The RF Electrosmog Sensor can be used to investigate a number of scientific experiments such as:

  • Measuring background RF
  • Looking at broadcast RF patterns
  • Calculating wavelength
  • Faraday’s cage
  • Antenna design, effect on activity recorded
  • Mapping RF in a location
  • Inverse law for radiation
  • RF from mobile phones, WiFi, Bluetooth or other remote control
  • Microwave smog
  • RF interference
  • Activity of key fobs for unlocking cars 

Warranty & Support

All our sensors are supplied with 5 years warranty and lifetime

Your Purchasing Options

For customers outside of the UK, please contact Data Harvest or an overseas distributor within your country.

Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the RF Electrosmog Sensor

Product Manuals

Download RF Electrosmog Sensor Manual | Version: 3


Ranges 3, dBm, V/m, %
60 to 0 dBm
0 to 6 V/m
0 to 100%

What's in the box

1x RF Electrosmog Sensor
1x Antenna (ANT1) cut to 31mm, ¼ wavelength of 1.8 GHz (mobile phone frequency)
1x 0.5 metre length of coaxial cable
2x Screw on F - connectors