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V-Log, A Remote Data Logger

With built-in USB & Bluetooth connectivity, V-Log offers all the features you need at a ground breaking price!

Cost effective without compromising on features or performance.

V-Log Data Logger is designed to be used with the wired smartQ sensors ONLY. You can not connect wireless smart sensors directly or wirelessly to the V-Log Data Logger. Smart Wireless Sensors act as a data logger on their own and are wirelessly connected to the EasySense2 Software.

Price From: £205.00

Purchase Options
Data Logging with up to 8 Sensors

V-Log is available in two configurations, the V-Log4 with 4 SmartQ sensor inputs or the V-Log8 with the same four sensor inputs plus four additional internal sensors, Light, Air Pressure, Sound and Humidity.

Both V-Log4 and V-Log8 are available with either built-in USB or both USB & Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth data capture makes it possible for your existing SmartQ sensors to work with tablets, phones and PCs using Bluetooth connectivity.


Air Pressure



Data Logging Options

The V-Log range of data loggers are supplied with a vast array of data logging options directly within the intuitive, large graphical display menu system, easy to access and start recording data in an instant.

  • EasyLog
  • Meters
  • Pictograms
  • Snapshot
  • Timing
  • Counting

Stored data can be reviewed on screen or downloaded for further analysis when connected directly to a computer with the EasySense or EasySene2 software.

data harvest v-log
data harvest v-log
A complete Solution

Supplied with everything you need to start teaching and learning science, including our fully featured site license of the EasySense2 Software, Teaching Guides, Connecting Leads and lifetime support.

Classroom Pack of 5

Get the most out of your lessons by giving students the chance to work in groups as they discover science together. Our convenient five pack solution also includes our integral USB charging system and a smart Gratnells storage tray.

Charging trays can also be purchased separately which includes the charging tray with lid and USB charger.

data harvest v-log
data harvest free software

Our latest cross-platform software makes capturing your science experiments a breeze, designed for teachers and students alike, the new EasySense2 software brings class collaboration to life.

Choose your V-Log - Available in 2 configurations

The basic version V-Log4 features 4 SmartQ sensor inputs whilst the V-Log8 features the same SmartQ sensor inputs plus 4 internal sensors. For your convenience you can also purchase the bluetooth versions with the module preinstalled at no extra charge.

Simply choose the configuration that best meets with your requirements.


  • USB Connectivity, No internal sensors
  • USB & Bluetooth Connectivity, No internal sensors


  • USB Connectivity with 4 internal sensors
  • USB & Bluetooth Connectivity with 4 internal sensors

For customers outside of the UK, please contact Data Harvest or an overseas distributor within your country.

Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the V-Log USB or Bluetooth Secondary Data Logger

Product Manuals

Download V-Log Bluetooth Fitting Instructions | Version: 2
Download V-Log Reference Manual | Version: 6
Download V-Log User Guide | Version: 6
Download Updating V-Log Firmware | Version: 2

Product Firmware

Download V-Log Firmware Update | Version: 2.3

Reliable and durable, designed for the classroom

V-Log comes with 5 years warranty and lifetime support, we ensure your investment gives you complete peace of mind.

V-Log Specification

LCD Graphical
Sensor Inputs (Plug-in) 4
Timing Inputs A & B Yes
Built-in Sensors V-Log8 Only 4: Light, Air Pressure, Sound, Humidity
Analogue Resolution 12-bit
Fastest Logging Speed 50,000 Samples Per Second
Digital Timing Accuracy 4 microseconds
Rechargeable Batteries Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB Client (to PC)
Firmware Upgradeable Yes

Charging Tray Specification

Charging connectivity via USB
Power to re-charge all five loggers is supplied via a single power supply

What's in the box

V-Log Data Logger
1 x USB Lead
2 x Short Sensor Leads - 150 mm
2 x Long Sensor Leads - 1.5 m

5 Pack Contents

5 x V-Log Data Loggers
1 x V-Log USB Charger
1 x Gratnell Charging Tray for 5x V-Log
5 x USB Leads
10 x Short Sensor Leads - 150 mm
10 x Long Sensor Leads - 1.5 m