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General Accessories

Spare parts and data logging accessories to compliment your teaching and learning!

Our General Accessories

For customers outside of the UK, please contact Data Harvest or an overseas distributor within your country.

Anemometer Anemometer
Order No. 3297
Bluetooth Module for V-Log Bluetooth Module for V-Log
Order No. 2400VL
Bluetooth Smart USB Adaptor Bluetooth Smart USB Adaptor
Order No. 2071
Breathing Rate Belt Breathing Rate Belt
Order No. 3190
Colour Filter Slides Colour Filter Slides
Order No. 3275SPP
Conductivity Electrode Conductivity Electrode
Order No. 3136
Conventional Stethoscope Conventional Stethoscope
Order No. 3178
Cuvettes (Pack of 100) Cuvettes (Pack of 100)
Order No. 3321
Drop/Bubble Counter Replacement Parts Pack Drop/Bubble Counter Replacement Parts Pack
Order No. 3271
E.C.G Patches E.C.G Patches
Order No. 3286
Environmental BioChamber (Large) Environmental BioChamber (Large)
Order No. ACC-21
Finger/EarLobe clip (Pleth) Finger/EarLobe clip (Pleth)
Order No. sen-pleth
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Graphical) Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Graphical)
Order No. 3907
Force Sensor Spares Pack Force Sensor Spares Pack
Order No. 3143SPP
Gas Pressure Accessory Pack Gas Pressure Accessory Pack
Order No. 3138
Holey Cap Set Holey Cap Set
Order No. 3174
Jack Lead 10m with 3.5mm Connector Jack Lead 10m with 3.5mm Connector
Order No. 3300
K-Type Thermocouple K-Type Thermocouple
Order No. 3107
Laser Slides Set Laser Slides Set
Order No. 3285SPP
Long Sensor Lead Long Sensor Lead
Order No. 3005
Metal Support Rods Metal Support Rods
Order No. 3250SPP
Mini USB Lead Mini USB Lead
Order No. 3021
Oxygen Electrode Oxygen Electrode
Order No. 3131
Oxygen Electrode Maintenance Kit Oxygen Electrode Maintenance Kit
Order No. 6172
pH Glass Electrode (BNC Cap) pH Glass Electrode (BNC Cap)
Order No. 2253
pH Sensor to 2253 Electrode BNC Extension Lead pH Sensor to 2253 Electrode BNC Extension Lead
Order No. ACC-25
Polar Heart Rate Belt - Large Polar Heart Rate Belt - Large
Order No. 3274
Polar Heart Rate Belt - Small Polar Heart Rate Belt - Small
Order No. 3273
Polar Non Coded T31 Transmitter Polar Non Coded T31 Transmitter
Order No. 3272
Power Supply 5V UK Power Supply 5V UK
Order No. 5009
Replacement EasySense Battery Pack Replacement EasySense Battery Pack
Order No. 5007
RF Transmitter Keyfob RF Transmitter Keyfob
Order No. 3158
Rotary Motion Accessory Kit Rotary Motion Accessory Kit
Order No. 3288
Short Sensor Lead Short Sensor Lead
Order No. 3004
Spirometer Filters Spirometer Filters
Order No. 3269
Spirometer Nose Clips Spirometer Nose Clips
Order No. 3264
Spoked Pulley Spoked Pulley
Order No. 3177
Switch Kit for Vu Timing Ramp Switch Kit for Vu Timing Ramp
Order No. 2341
Turbidity Pack Turbidity Pack
Order No. ACC-26
USB Lead USB Lead
Order No. 3008
VISION Replacement Battery Pack VISION Replacement Battery Pack
Order No. 2036
Wire Coil & Magnet Wire Coil & Magnet
Order No. 3173
Reliable and durable, designed for the classroom

All our sensors come with 5 years warranty and lifetime support, we ensure your investment gives you complete peace of mind.