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Vu+ Class Cart
Vu+ Class Cart

A complete primary data logging class set supplied in a gratnells storage cart and trays (supplied flat packed). The set provides 5 Vu+ data loggers and a range of Vu+ sensors and science accessories.

A useful mobile 3 tray cart with lids, the first tray holds and charges the Vu+ whilst the other two trays are for the Vu Sensors.

Sensors, Accessories and More

Vu+ class cart includes a vast collection of primary science sensors and accessories, now everyone can lean and explore science at the same time, and when you have finished they can be stored and charged ready for the next science lesson.

5x Vu+ Data Loggers

5x Vu+ Data Loggers

5x Vu+ Data Loggers

10x Vu Temperature Sensors

5x Vu+ Data Loggers

5x Vu Heart Rate Sensors

5x Vu+ Data Loggers

1x Vu Timing Ramp Set

5x Vu+ Data Loggers

1x Vu Timing Mats

5x Vu+ Data Loggers

1x Vu Power House

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Vu+ Class Cart Vu+ Class Cart 23051PK
Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product resources such as manuals and firmware for the Vu+ Class Cart

Product Manuals

Download Vu+ Manual Reference Manual | Version: 3
Download Vu+ User Guide | Version: 3
Download Updating VU+ Firmware | Version: 2
Download Vu+ eBook | Version: 2

Product Firmware

Download Vu+ Firmware Update | Version: 1.6
Reliable and durable, designed for the classroom

Vu+ comes with limited warranty and lifetime support, we ensure your investment gives you complete peace of mind.


What's in the box

5 x Vu+ Data Loggers
5 x Plug-in Heart Rate Sensors
1 x Vu Timing Ramp Set
1 x Vu Power House
1x Timing Mats set
10 x Plug-in Vu Temperature Sensors
5 x USB Leads
1 x Gratnell Storage Cart (supplied flat packed)
2 x Gratnell Storage Trays with lids
1 x Vu+ Charging Tray with lid
EasySense Software (Download)
Teaching Resources (Download)