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Vu Light Gates
Vu+ Light Gate

Supplied in a pack of two, these light gates are designed to be triggered like a switch by passing an object between each gate making them ideal for timing experiments.

Note: Vu+ data logger required.

Multiple Timing Experiments

Light Gates can be used for dynamics experiments that involve calculating time and speed.

A single Light gate can be used to measure time and speed at A or use a pair of Light gates to measure time and speed from point A to point B.

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Vu Light Gates Vu Light Gates 2330PK
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Product Manuals

Download Vu Light Gates Manual | Version: 2


Infrared source Peak at 880 nm
Response time Less than 5 microseconds
Timing resolution 10 µs

What's in the box

2 x Vu+ Light Gates
2 x Sensor Leads