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Vu Push Button Switches

Vu+ Push Button Switches

Supplied in a pack of two, these push button switches are designed to be used in timing experiments such as reaction times, counting and measuring speed.

Note: Vu+ data logger required.


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Learn primary science through Data Logging activities with the Vu Primary Data Logger. Enjoy 3 FREE CPD courses that introduce the Vu Data Logger, Using Vu with our EasySense Software and a number short lessons providing ideas and activities you can quickly use in your own lesson plans.

Digital Switches

The push buttons are digital switch-type sensors that have two states, ON and OFF, these are push-to-make switches fitted with a red LED to give a visual indication of the switch's state.

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data harvest push button switches
Practical Investigations

Use the Vu+ Push Button Switches to investigate a number of scientific experiments such as:

  • Reaction Time Game
  • Counting objects (traffic, people, animals, etc.)
  • Measure speed (cars, people, etc.)
  • Record the differences in time taken to walk, run or hop over the same distance
  • Record the time taken by a vehicle to pass from one point to another
  • Introducing the idea of the computer acting as a stopwatch e.g. starting and stopping timing
  • Introducing the fact that speed can be calculated directly if the distance between the start and finish line is used
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Vu Push Button Switches Vu Push Button Switches
Order No. 2331PK
Downloads & Resources

All available downloadable product manuals and firmware for the Vu Push Button Switches

Product Manuals

Download Vu Push Button Reaction Switches Manual | Version: 2


Infrared source Peak at 880 nm
Response time Less than 5 microseconds
Timing resolution 10 µs

What's in the box

2 x Vu+ Push Switches
2 x Sensor Leads