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Vu Push Button Switches

Vu+ Timing Mats

Supplied in a pack of two, these large timing mats are designed to be used in timing experiments that are activated by stepping onto them.

Note: Vu+ data logger required.

Hops, Skips & Jumps

The timing mats are digital switch-type sensors that have two states, ON and OFF, these are push-to-make switches where one mat is used to start the timer, the other to stop the timer.

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Practical Investigations

Use the Vu+ Timing Mats to investigate a number of scientific experiments such as:

  • How long can I stay in the air when I jump?
  • How fast can I hop, walk, and run?
  • How many jumps can I do in a minute?
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Product Order No.
Vu Timing Mats Vu Timing Mats 2332PK
Downloads & Resources

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Product Manuals

Download Vu Timing Mat Manual | Version: 3


Mat Material PVC
Connecting Lead Screened cable approximately 2 meters

What's in the box

2 x Vu+ Timing Mats
2 x 1.5 metre digital sensor leads