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Oxygen Sensor Pack

Order No. 3130PK | £205.00

This pack contains both the Oxygen adaptor and the Oxygen electrode. This forms the dual range Oxygen sensor, capable of measuring oxygen levels in air, or dissolved oxygen levels in water.

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Measuring Oxygen

The Oxygen electrode is of the Polarographic (Clark cell) type. The anode and cathode are immersed in electrolyte and separated from the sample by a semi-permeable membrane. The oxygen permeability of the membrane is temperature dependent.

This variation in permeability is automatically compensated by a temperature compensation thermistor over the 5 to 45°C operating range.

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The electrode

The electrode in this pack is a general purpose plastic bodied glass non-refillable electrode, suitable for most investigations

Data Harvest Oxygen Sensor Pack

Possible Activities

Want to know how you can use this product in your science lessons? Take a look at the list of possible use cases and activities to get you started with the Oxygen Sensor Pack.

  • Changes in oxygen during photosynthesis and respiration of plants
  • Monitoring dissolved oxygen concentration in an aquarium containing plants and/or fish
  • Respiration of animals, insects, geminating seeds 
  • Monitoring human respiration 
  • Consumption of oxygen by yeast 
  • Oxygen gas generated during the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by catalyse
  • Change in Oxygen level during combustion
  • On-site testing in streams & ponds
  • Ecosystem monitoring
  • The effect of temperature on Oxygen levels
  • Water quality
Data Harvest Oxygen Sensor Pack

Product Manuals

Browse our HTML based product manuals or download them to your computer.

Oxygen Sensor Manual | Doc No. ds025 | Rev. 6 Download
Oxygen Electrode Datasheet | Doc No. 3131 | Rev. 1 Download

Reliable and durable, designed for the classroom

All our sensors come with 5 years warranty and lifetime support, we ensure your investment gives you complete peace of mind.